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Life is not meant to be bound within concrete walls and plugged into electronic screens. It’s meant to be experienced and truly lived by exploring and reclaiming the great outdoors. Free yourself, find yourself, explore the real meaning of life. Become a part of the canvas of nature and indulge in its beauty. It’s there, waiting to be discovered, to mesmerize us and to make us feel truly alive.
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91 Heroes

Rohan cycles through the golden quadrilateral of India

Rohan's Story

While most other 25-year old’s are happily experiencing working lives and have their routine in place, but not Rohan Philem hails from Manipur. At this young age, he’s already on his 8th cycling mission. His cycling expeditions which he started in 2018 are all about various noble issues on humanity and the environment.

This time Rohan is on a ‘Cycling for Humanity’ mission whose aim to feed the hungry, a crisis that grew exponentially because of the pandemic. This mission is planned to raise awareness of the fact that many lives are being lost due to hunger.

Rohan’s cycling route which started on February 5th, 2021 from Kolkotta is planned to include the golden quadrilateral as he calls it. His route includes Kolkotta to Chennai, then to Mumbai, and finally ending in Delhi.

Alpha-Vector, the upcoming brand of OUTDOORS 91 bicycles has collaborated with Rohit in this campaign

All the best Rohan!

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