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All About the Importance of Carrying a Cycle Repair Kit

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All About the Importance of Carrying a Cycle Repair Kit

Like owning an expensive cycle, taking a cycling trip with a group of friends is a dream many want to fulfil. Are you one of those? Are you ready to hop on the next cycling adventure? Lets discover your readiness in the cycle repair blog below.

Cycling is an activity that often induces a happy vibe while helping you keep your health in check. Some people ride bikes to run errands on urban city routes, while others like to go on adventure trails on the weekends. Regardless of what type of cyclist you are, it is important to keep a check on certain things, such as investing in the right bike accessories, wearing a helmet while riding, getting the tyres inflated when necessary, and keeping your cycle repair kit handy. While all the other things mentioned before can be taken care of easily, it is important to learn about the right cycle repair tools to use when in need. This blog is all about the essential cycle repair tools you must invest in to keep your ride running smoother than ever before.

The Essential Tools of a Cycle Repair Kit

Whether you are a veteran or new to the world of cycling, knowing everything about how to repair a cycle in case of a crisis is crucial. Imagine experiencing a cycle breakdown on your trip with your gang and not knowing how to fix it; doesnt this sound like a nightmare? Situations like these can make you feel stranded on the roadside, but having a cycle repair kit handy and knowing how to use it can save you from a nightmare. Simply put, when you are out on a ride, you must be prepared to repair a broken chain, fix a flat tyre, and tighten a loose bolt. Your bicycle repair kit is going to help you repair your bike when it breaks down, make adjustments for better performance, and keep your bicycle running well. Before knowing how to use them, you must understand the tools you must add to your kit. Lets take you through the essential components of a cycle tool kit:

  • Bike pump: A flat tyre on your way to the desired adventure destination is bound to make you feel stressed out. But not when you are prepared to inflate your tyre after patching and replacing the tube. A CO2 inflator or hand pump always comes in handy in times like these.
  • Puncture Kit: This kit is a must-have to help you remove and replace the tube of a flat tire. Although it is often possible to change the tube without having to remove the wheel, it is always a better option to carry these lightweight and compact kits in your bag.
  • Multi-tool Kit: A multi-tool can be used for a surprising number of repairs, and its versatility makes it a great investment. Thanks to its compact size, it can easily fit in your on-bike saddle bag or backpack. An efficient multi-tool will comprise Allen wrenches, an adjustable wrench, a chain tool, a Philips screwdriver, and a flathead screwdriver.
  • Tyre Levers: When you are repairing a flat tyre, tyre levers help you pry your tyre off the rim of your wheel. They are particularly useful when removing a road tyre, as opposed to a mountain bike tyre, because road tyres typically fit on the rim extremely tightly.
  • Lubrication Supplies: To maintain satisfactory performance on weekend rides to the mountains, which involve a lot of dirt trails, you might want to clean and relubricate certain bike components at regular intervals. If you want to keep your bike running smoothly, carry a small pack of chain lubricant and a few clean rags or a chain-cleaning brush in your bag.

The Ultimate Cycle Tool Kit by Ninety One Cycles

Wondering where to find all these tools in one place? We have got you covered with our ultimate cycle tool kit. The Ninety One Cycles cycle repair kit is your perfect companion to hop on adventures without worrying about certain cycle-related mishaps. It comprises all the essential components, such as an air pump, puncture kit, multi-tool kit, chain lube, and chain cleaning brush. Wait no more and get your hands on our cycle repair kit now!

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