Voice of our Riders

"Cycle good for fitness as well as long rides"

Recommend Viper to everyone who is thinking about selecting a perfect cycle

Ride is very smooth. One of best thing about the cycle is looks, stickers are just awesome. The build quality is good and features are perfect for fitness as well as long cycling. Very comfortable ride. A perfect bike for all .Gear shifting can be better. Overall the cycle looks great in appearance. I recommend this bike to everyone who is thinking or confused about selecting a perfect cycle for him / her. Buy it from www.outdoors91.com

"Matt finish Military Green color on Invictus grabs everyone's attentions "

A superbike where everything seems like the perfect blend.

I Love my Ninety One Invictus 27.5 (Military Green) bike. I can't express it in very few words. I would like to Thank the 91 Team for launching this fascinating bicycle. It looks very sturdy. Its Military Green mat finish color starts gazing at everyone's attention. Its color and riding experience feels like you are riding some military vehicle. Its Alloy 6061 frame quality really proves it's sturdy and robust with lightweight. Its 24 gear really gives you comfortable riding in all-terrain. Its tyre quality and design are really appreciated. I have ridden this super bicycle in Muddy uphill terrain. Its control and engagement with Road are really commendable. About the saddle and suspension, the saddle feels like made up of memory foam, suspension and brakes are awesome. I would say while designing Invictus 27.5, very minute things are considered right from handles (grip and length), Inner facing brake and gear cables, Tyre design and quality, saddle, suspension, and color, etc. Everything seems like the perfect blend of all the above things in this superbike. Also, I would like to appreciate the service given during assembling it at home. The technician has given all the information and explained the in-house maintenance guide and tips very transparently. About the delivery, I have received it one week before as I expected.Once again, Thank you 91 (Alpha Vector) Team.

"Full paisa vasul"

Awesome bike!! very good quality

I Gurunath H babar From maharashtra satara i have purchase 2 Trooper hybrid bike from www.outdoors91.com. Trooper is just an awesome bike as per price the quality is very good full paisa vasul.

"Thank you so much for on door delivery and installation services"

Fabulous cycle from outdoors91

Fabulous cycle and got a great deal with this model from outdoors91. Response and 91 cares from the brand Ninety One is also good. I was trying to buy this bike for a long time and finally I got. Will recommend it to friends too. Thank you so much for on door delivery and installation services. I am very happy for this bike.I giving 5 out of five stars

"It gives me the desired strength and mileage."

Snow leopard hai toh ride 'must' hai

Finally after waiting for 6 months, I got my dream cycle. It is exactly the way I had thought of with the 21 gear alloy body and it's smooth. I have tried riding it in Dehradun and it's suspension lock in lock out feature is perfect for a hill ride. It's 15 kg light weight helps me to maintain stability throughout my ride. As an Electrical Lecturer i can say that it keeps me fit and active plus it is very eco- friendly. I recommend everyone to ride this cycle and make a contribution in making this planet a little pollution free. It undoubtedly fulfills the dream of every youngster. I love it's classic seat finish. I want to ride it in Chamoli, Pokhari too. It gives me the desired strength and mileage. This time my expectation finally matched my reality. Can't wait to plan many more adventures with my new buddy. ''Snow leopard hai toh ride 'must' hai'' -Abhishek Uniyal, Electrical Lecture. Dehradun

"Thanks outdoors91 and helping me to reclaim outdoors"

Great decision to buy DefeatrPro

The decision I took to buy a bike was a great one and the icing on the cake is the team at outdoor91 has made it worth even more. I bought DEFEATR PRO. 1. Super handling 2. Comfortable 3. Super ride quality 4.Stunning looks that match your passion 5. Swift gear shifting. 6. People do turn their heads back as bike passes them Thanks outdoors91 and helping me to reclaim outdoors

"Excellent experience with my Granite X40. It was the best decision to buy this awesome"

This bike is superb and stylish to ride

I ordered this bicycle from the website of Ninety One cycles. I am very satisfied with the delivery and assembly process. The customer support is also friendly and helped me to resolve my issue immediately. They provide a lot of options while the checkout process which is very easy and smooth to avail. I can say I am the proud owner of Granite X40. Would recommend it to everyone.

"Avira 26T is very smooth and feels nice to ride."

Smooth and stylish women’s bike

I bought this bicycle from Outdoor91. The overall delivery experience was very smooth and friendly. The cycle is of very good quality. We are satisfied with the service of Team 91. Good work!

"Panther from Ninety One is a good pick for leisure rides, workouts or commutes."

Inexpensive yet well designed and built

Bought my Panther 29T from www.outdoors91.com. After riding 400km, I can say the bike is very good. The team at Ninety One bikes has successfully achieved making a bike that is inexpensive yet well designed and built. Individual parts that are used here are the same as those used in some relatively more expensive products from competitors, the bike has not presented me any problems and one can comfortably ride it for around 30km at a stretch. Overall, the Panther from ninety one is a good pick if you want a bike for leisure rides, workouts or commutes

"The cycle is simply awesome and in my area my cycle is the hot trend now"

RegionX 26T-Fannnntastic

I'm really happy about the purchase from www.outdoors91.com.The cycle is simply awesome and in my area my cycle is the hot trend now. The quality, the look and the assembly everything is super. I'm really satisfied with my cycle. Thanks and keep rocking. Awaiting for more amazing cycles from Ninety One.

"Raptor 26T is a must buy bike"

Raptor 26T looks is very nice & attractive

The cycle looks very nice and attractive. Raptor 26” moves smoothly and is easy to pedal. Hand grip is also very comfortable and good. Seat adjustment is very easy and both me and my son can ride the bike.

"Enjoy riding my Panther 27.5T everyday"

Panther 27.5T is just awesome

This bicycle is awesome not just by looks but also by ride. Whenever I ride everybody on the road stops and watches the bike. Enjoyed my ride with ninety one panther 27.5T. From my site 4.5 star to this.