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"Complete stunner from 91! "

My favourite adventure buddy

Ordered this beast of an MTB and spent the last weekend in the mountains riding it. The Direwolf is everything that you are looking for in a mountain bike; the bike frame, the eye-catching decals and the swift disc brakes, everything is designed perfectly. I just found my adventure buddy!

"Very classy look"

Good build quality

Hi everyone, Leopard 27.5T is build with very good quality It have disc brakes. Smooth to ride on. Thank you Team 91.

"Smooth riding"

It is really nice

Hi, I am riding this bike everyday and it feels very nice. The gears are very smooth. I would recommend this to everyone.

"Awesome riding experience"

Perfect fit for every rider

Recently I purchased Wolverine 29T online by Ninety One Cycles. The assembly was on time and the support system is also very good. The riding with this bike is very smooth and amazing. This is perfect for every rider. I would suggest everyone to buy it.

"Best for body exercise"

Bike is really good

Hi, my name is Yogesh Shelge. I bought this bike because the quality of the bike amazing. I have been riding this bike for 2-3 days now. Raiding daily of 24 kms is giving providing me with the best health exercise. This bike is really good and I would really suggest this bike to everyone. Thank you Ninety One Cycles. You have done a good job.

"Lovable product design by kids"

A perfect birthday gift

Congratulations to the Designers and Team for making and bringing good products to the market. Thank you for making sure to deliver & assembly is done on time. It's been a couple of weeks and my daughter Urvi Anand, age 5yrs, has been using a Snow Angle 20T bicycle. We gifted this bicycle on her 5th birthday, as the color is of her choice, it's already her favorite. The Ride quality of the cycle is very good, it's smooth. Urvi has started to do racing with other kids and started to challenge other kids of the similar age group as she is able to cycle fast.The Addition of a small basket in front and big carrier at the back of bicycle is like cherry on the cake, metal carrier is strong and steady, it's big in size so kids of various age groups (4-6) are able to sit comfortably and even with 2 kids, the ride quality of the cycle is too good. The Color Material and Finish & Fit and finish material being used including tyres of the product is good. Brake wires tips are well covered with metal, so safety concerns are well taken care. Urvi is very happy with the product. Bicycle presence during the day time is quite nice. Others want to know more about the product and many kids wish to take a test drive. :) Thank you for on time delivery & Yes it's a perfect birthday gift for a growing kid. The Overall product look, file & ride quality is good. I am planning to get a good deal for myself as well, and will reach out to your team very soon!

"Feels good while riding"

Build of this bike is very awesome

Hi, I bought this cycle from Ninety One Cycles, online throught the website. The cycles build quality is very good. The delivery and assembly was done on time by the team. I have been riding this bike since it’s arrival and the it is very smooth. I like this cycles. Good job Ninety One.

"Best cycle for me"

Best service by Ninety One

: Hi, I researched a lot about, which cycle should I buy due to my weight. I finally found Ninety One Cycle which had every requirement I needed in a cycle under the budget. I bought Viper 27.5T from the website of Ninety One. It has Shimano gear, disc brakes, and the best suspension. I got this cycle delivered on time. They provided me with the best service. This cycle is good for me and I recommend everyone who wants to purchase Ninety One Cycles. Thank You.

"It's definitely a good purchase"

Good speed and efficient

This is Meraki S7 from Ninety One Cycles. It is an ebike from Ninety One which I bought online from the website. After doing a lot of research I realized that this is the best ebike with maximum range, good speed and efficient. I enjoy riding this ebike. It’s a good bike. For those who want to buy an electric bicycle I would recommend this bike to you. It’s very good purchase and you will definitely love it.

"I just love this bike a lot"

The features are really awesome

Hi, I am from Australia and I am staying here in Tamil Nadu and it’s really awesome to buy this bike. It has got fantastic tyres. It’s good for the off-road. The handlebar is really comfortable due to which it is easy to balance the bike whenever you encounter bumps on the ride. The pedals are really good. The breaks work very well. The seat is very comfy and the features are really awesome. I am in love with this bike. Thank You so much Ninety One Cycles.

"Stylish and awesome"

I love the speed of the bike

Hi, I bought this cycle recently. First of all the best thing about this bike is its colour and the speed. I just love the speed of this bike a lot. This bike looks very classy and of premium quality. I am very happy with this bike. It is stylish and awesome. I would recommend this bike to everyone.

"I enjoy riding it"

Best for off-road terrains

Hi, my new Meraki S7 27.5T is an addition to my collection of ebikes. This bike is geared which helps me a lot when riding off-road terrains. I enjoy riding this new bike. Great going Ninety One. Thank you.

Ravi k. from Kangra just became a proud owner of Wolverine 29T