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Voice of our Riders

"Attractive looks"

Best service provider

Hi everyone, I bought Viper 27.5T from Ninety One Cycles. The bicycle is very good. The colour is very good. The service was very awesome by the company. Gear, brakes and the build is very best. The call support of the company is also very helpful. Thank You!

"Tireless riding"

Build is best

I bought this model Endurance 700C online. This cycle is amazing. Gear system, tires, and the total build is very good. It is very smooth while riding. The best part is that it is very lightweight. This bike dosen’t make me tires at all. I would recommend this to all.

"Recommended to all"

Very comfortable ride

Hi, I have purchased Wolverine 29T from outdoors91.com. I am very happy to ride this cycle as its shifters are easy to handle and I am getting a very comfortable ride with this cycle. I am very much happy to recommend it to all.

"Best build quality"

Best Cycle

Hello Friends, I am from Chennai. My son's Name is Saravanan. We have purchased Samurai 26T from outdoors91.com. Very happy to inform all that its built quality is very good and shifting of gears is also very easy and I am very happy to get this cycle for my son. It's one of the best cycle & a very smooth ride also.

"Quality is amazing"

Very Smooth

I bought a new cycle named Kamet 27.5T for myself from Ninety One Cycles. The build quality of this bicycle is very amazing. It is very smooth while driving. I had very good experience with this bike. Very nice bike. Thank you.

"It’s fun while riding"

Smooth and Comfortable

I bought a new cycle named Spitfire 27.5T for myself from Ninety One Cycles. The build quality of this bicycle is perfect. It is very smooth and comfortable. It’s fun while riding this bicycle. Also, this bike is very light weight which is truly awesome. Very nice product by Ninety One. Thank you.

"Service was fantastic"

Amazing bike

Hi everyone, I bought this bike a while ago and so far it’s very good. The service from outdoors91 was fantastic. The assembly service was very quick and the technician was very professional. He was very polite and he did the assembly in 1 hour. Just because of it’s smoothness I was able to hit 15 kms on the 1st day. I rode a bicycle after almost 10-15 years. So, Kudos to outdoors91 for providing me such a fantastic bike. I really like it and I do recommend this Endurance 700C to everyone. Thank You!

"Really liked this bike"

Very smooth gear shifting

I bought SAMURAI 26T from Ninety One Cycles. The build quality is very good. It has very smooth gear shifting and a powerful disc brake. The seat is very comfortable. The tyres and derailleur are of very good quality. Suspension is very good. I really liked this bike and you will also like it. Thank you!

"Recommended to everyone"

Very good experience

Hi, I bought my 1st bicycle named Krypton 27.5T. It has dual disc brakes i.e front and rear. It also has suspension in the front and 21 hi-speed L-TWOO gears. I ride this bicycle and have very good experience with the cycle. So I recommend you to buy this bicycle. Thank You!

"Very light weight"

Performance is very good

Hello friends, I bought this cycle from Ninety One Cycles. The performance of this cycle is very good. The breaking system and gear shifting is very smooth in this cycle aslo, the weight of this cycle is light. So, if u are looking for the best riding experience then I would recommend you to go with this cycle.

"Packing is amazing"

Best bike till now

Hi, The packing and the bike is very good. The colour of this bike is excellent. Soon will take my first ride and I am excited for that. I would recommend this bike to everyone. Thank you Ninety One.

"Comfortable riding"

Attractive Looks

Hi guys, recently I bought this bicycle Shadowfax from Ninety One. The look of the bicycle is very attractive. I didn’t had any problem while assembling the bike by myself, it’s not that tough. Also, the colour is very attractive. I feel very comfortable which riding the bicycle the reason behind it is that, the gear shifting is very smooth. I would like to recommend this bicycle to everyone who love MTB.