Press Coverage

Press Coverage
E series

Presenting an incredible riding experience designed with passion and engineered to perfection for helping you create a healthier and cleaner world

Science of simplicity

Science of simplicity
  • Electrical
  • Mechanical
  • High Performance Power HouseHigh Performance Power House
    • BLDC Rear Hub Motor
    • 250 Watt
    • Speed Limit 25 km/hr
    • IP65
    • Planetary Gears
    • CE & ROHS Certified
  • Best-in-Class Energy SourceBest-in-Class Energy Source
    • Lithium Ion Panasonic 18650 BD Cells
    • 6.36 Ah
    • 36 V
    • Temperature Sensor
    • Aluminium Casing
  • Advanced Control ArchitectureAdvanced Control Architecture
    • Space Vector Algorithm
    • 12 Magnet PAS
    • Automotive Grade MOSFETs
    • IP65
    • CE & ROHS Certified
  • Sleek Frame GeometrySleek Frame Geometry
    • 27.5" X 2.1" Wide Tires
    • 17" Hi-Tensile Carbon Steel Frame
    • 765 mm Inseam Length
  • World Class Friction PartsWorld Class Friction Parts
    • Kenli Sealed Cartridge
    • Alloy Crank
    • 160 mm F and 140 mm R Disc
    • Suspension Fork



With the quality standards of Ninety One you can be rest assured that every product performs at its most optimum level to give you an ultimate riding experience

  • Superior Range

    With 35 km* range you have enough juice for a memorable day

  • Panasonic Cells

    Lithium Ion, NCR 18650 chemistry, 750 full discharge cycles

  • Hi-Torque Motor

    250 watt, BLDC rear hub drive, low loss copper winding

  • Advanced Controller

    Space vector algorithm for high efficiency and a smooth ride

*Under Test Conditions



Safety is ingrained in our design and engineering philosophy enabling us to deliver an incredible carefree experience every time you ride a Meraki

  • Alloy Battery Pack

    Automotive grade Aluminium 6068 battery pack for enhanced safety

  • Tamper Proof

    Lock and key arrangement provided to safegaurd your Meraki

  • E-Brakes

    Cuts off motor when applied, ensures great stability when turning and braking

  • Ergonomic Charging

    No bending while charging, avoids dust accumulation so you can ride carefree

  • Half Throttle Grip

    So you don't accidently accelerate the bike when getting on and off your e-bike



All parts are tested in extreme conditions as per international standards to ensure durability right from the smallest nut bolt to the Panasonic battery packs.

  • U-V Rated Cables

    IP67 poke-yoke ensures your cannot wire it wrong and ensures a long life

  • Rubber Keypad

    Intuitively designed keypad helps you switch modes without looking down

  • Rigorous Testing

    Motors and controllers are tested in extreme temperature upto 50C for 5,000 hrs

  • Polypropylene Gears

    Low friction gears ensure higher efficiency and noise free riding experience

  • Dust & Rain Proof

    IP65 Electronics rating ensures a carefree ride in difficult weather conditions

Travel Modes

Travel Modes
  • Electrical/ Pedal Assist Mode

    Ride the hill like a flat road

    In this mode, you can take advantage of combined human and electric power. Once you turn on this mode via the on/off button on the handlebars, the motor will gently provide electric power as you pedal. It’s an amazing feeling to use pedal-assist mode, as it makes cycling effortless, flattens out the hills, and frees you to just enjoy yourself and the scenery.

  • Throttle Mode

    Ride it like a scooter

    This mode of operation allows you to sit back and take a break, as you let the motor do the work. To use “electric only” mode, simply twist the throttle located on the right handlebar and you'll feel the motor kick in and propel you forward. Keep the throttle turned to continue along or let go if you're ready to start pedaling or wish to come to a stop. Please note that due to Indian regulations, the top speed in electric-only mode is limited to 25 km/hr.
    *This mode drains your battery the fastest.

  • Pedal Mode

    Your good old cycle

    In this mode, E-bike can be used as a normal cycle when: you want to just pedal, the power is off, the battery is discharged or in a rare event of any break down in the electronic system of the bike

  • Cruise Mode

    Just glide along

    Cruise Control is considered a type of throttle and is limited to a maximum controllable speed of 6 km/hr. Your bike will then decelerate to that speed. The pedal assist is still available when Cruise Control is active. It may be possible to pedal the E-bike faster than the set cruise speed. The cruise will automatically resume if the speed is allowed to decrease to the preset Cruise Control speed.


  • Electrical
  • Mechanical
  • Battery Pack

    Panasonic, 6.3 Ah, 750 cycles, 1 year warranty

  • Range

    22-35 km

  • Brake Cut off

    E-brakes, with automatic brake cut off for safety

  • Motor

    250 Watt, IP65 (Water proof)

  • Electronic Lock

    Key lock switch, bike can't be turned on without key

  • Display

    Rubber button, IP66, unique display

  • Controller

    IP65 controller, SVPWM

  • Driving Mode

    Pedal, Pedal Assist, Cruise, Throttle

  • Charger Pin

    Near head tube, Easy to access

  • Downtube


  • Wheel Size


  • Battery Case

    IP65 , Aluminium, Serviceable, non removable

  • Weight

    22 kg

  • Brakes

    160 mm front and 140 mm rear disc

  • Frame Type

    Unisex, Steel

  • Crank

    Alloy Crank, 42T X 170

  • Suspension Fork

    80 mm travel

  • Frame

    Ultra High Tensile Steel, Robotic Tig Welding

  • Tyre

    27.5 X 2.1 inch, 30 TPI high quality rubber compound

  • Tube

    High air retention, low aging butyl tube

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