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Make the most of your riding experience with a bike that is perfect for you

A bicycle is one of the most prized possessions if you are passionate about cycling. It is not only a means of commuting but also your companion on most days. Whether you enjoy taking your bicycle out every day or only on the weekends, a bicycle should easily fit into your routine and moreover, it should make you feel comfortable every time you hit the pedal. At Ninety One Cycles, we understand that a bicycle cannot be a one size fits all. None of our bodies is the same, our shapes and sizes differ based on our gender, height and weight. If all bodies are different, it is obvious that they will require bicycles based on the shape and size of your body.

As a digital-first brand, we wished to make your online purchase journey easy and seamless. For this to happen we had to ensure that you find your perfect bike online without any hassle. Here’s how we thought of introducing the integrated system on our website for finding the perfect bike for you at Ninety One Cycles. Here’s what you should know about it…

Use the right filters to find the right bicycle for you

Using the right filters on the portal will ensure that the perfect bike is delivered to your doorstep. The Ninety One Cycles’ website gives you several options to pick from after which a list of bikes will be suggested to you. Starting from the gender, age, height (in inches or cms.), price range and geared or single speed cycles, you need to pick the right option to choose perfect bicycle for you at “Find Your Perfect Bike” page. These choices will help the system to quickly browse through the hundreds of options available on the website and bring up the most relevant to your screens. Picking the right bicycle will help let you enjoy the ride and make the most of it. You won’t be struggling with something that is built for someone taller to you or shorter to you. So, start your purchase journey and make sure you use this intelligent tool to make your life easier.

Browse through other offerings by Ninety One Cycles

At Ninety One Cycles, you can find everything from mountain bikes, ATBs, cycles for men, cycles for women and kids’ cycles. Have a look at road bikes, fat tyre bikes, hybrid bikes and e-bikes. The features that these bikes boast make them a cut above the rest. You will definitely get heads turning with your selection. So, get started and begin your browsing journey now!

Go for hassle-free online shopping for bikes at Ninety One Cycles

The Ninety One Cycles online shopping portal is easy, convenient and hassle-free. Shop for your dream bicycle as you explore the various options available while sitting in the comfort of your home. The ‘find the perfect bike’ option will make it easier for you to select the right bicycle, and the smooth payment gateway will ensure your shopping reaches your doorstep without any complications.


  • What size bicycle should I buy?

    The right size bicycle can make a whole lot of difference to your cycling experience. It is essential to understand that the important parameters that define the bicycle size you choose are - - Purpose/ Usage - Height & Weight. If you are confused about which size is best for your body frame, we have a great bicycle sizing tool available to assist you. So, go ahead and pick the bicycle that is made just for you.

  • What is the correct cycle size for a child?

    Our helpful bicycle sizing tool helps you pick the cycle that is perfect for you. If you are confused about the cycle best for your child as per his/her body frame, then check out our intelligent sizing tool. This sizing tool will ensure you get the right bicycle for your child for a seamless riding experience.

  • How do I use the ‘Find The Perfect Bike’ option on the website?

    You simply have to log on to the website, hit ‘find perfect bike for you’, pick the right filters regarding age, gender, height, price range and geared or single speed. The sizing tool will bring up a list of bicycles at Ninety One Cycles that match your requirement.

Raptor 26" Orange
  • M
  • 10+ Yrs
  • 5"-5'7"
  • 26"/66cm
  • 4.5
  • 59 Review

Tob Review

Leading the competition

This bike is one of the best in all categories.
22 Aug, 2019 Verified Purchase