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A bicycle with gear provides a variety of gear ratios to choose from. This gear ratio makes cycling easy up or down a hill.


  • M
  • 10+ Yrs
  • 5"-5'7"
  • 26"/66cm
4.5 415 Review
Mrp : 18,599/- 18,599

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Buy Geared Bikes Online At Ninety One Cycles

Experience the very best of riding with geared cycles from Ninety One Cycles

When it comes to buying the right cycle for yourself, there is a myriad of options available in the market. It is essential to understand the difference between geared bicycles and single speed cycles so that you can make an informed decision about which one is right for you. When it comes to shopping for cycles, Ninety One Cycles has some of the best options available for you. Whether you are looking for kids’ bikes or bicycles for adults, you will be enticed to buy a cycle from the brand.

The plethora of options available and the variety of features and specs that they boast will make you a fan of the brand. Pick from a list of your favourites and enjoy your cycle riding experience with the very best. But before all of this, here are a few of our favourite geared cycles that you must check out.

Explore a range of geared bikes online at Ninety One Cycles

A range of best gear cycles await you at Ninety One Cycles:

  • Wayfarer 700C:

    A geared cycle like the Wayfarer 700C will let you take on thrilling experiences that you can enjoy on long trips. The 21-speed hybrid bike lets you go farther and faster. It is the perfect bike whether it is for city roads or for mountain trails and complements the wanderlust in you!

  • Samurai 26T:

    One of the bestselling geared bikes at Ninety One Cycles is the Samurai 26T which is engineered as a superpower MTB (mountain bike) with a strong and durable carbon steel frame. With its highly responsive disc brakes, it is sure to keep you safe and as the name suggests the bike is as dependable as a Samurai warrior.

  • Endurance 700C:

    A hybrid bike, the Endurance 700C is perfect for long distant rides in the city when you wish to overcome difficult situations. The 21 hi-speed TW00 Gears allow you to whizz through traffic without any hassle.

Browse through other offerings by Ninety One Cycles

Other than geared bikes, there are many other options that you can shop for at Ninety One Cycles. Have a look at road bikes, all terrain bikes, fat tyre bikes, hybrid bikes and e-bikes. The features that these bikes boast make them a cut above the rest. You will definitely get heads turning with your selection. So, get started and begin your browsing journey now!

Go for hassle-free online shopping for geared bikes at Ninety One Cycles

The Ninety One Cycles online shopping portal is easy, convenient and hassle-free. Shop for your dream bicycle as you explore the various options available while sitting in the comfort of your home. The ‘Find Your Perfect Bike’ option will make it easier for you to select the right bicycle, and the smooth payment gateway will ensure your shopping reaches your doorstep without any complications.


  • What are the pros of a geared bicycle?

    When riding over a slope, going uphill, a geared cycle lets you shift gears making it much easier. If you are into long distance rides and love going on hikes and mountain trails, then geared bicycles are perfect for you.

  • Are geared bikes good for exercise?

    Yes, geared cycles can help you get the right amount of exercise and help burn calories. Whether you are going uphill or going down a slope, geared cycles will only help enhance the quality of your ride.

  • What are the best recommended geared bikes in your website?

    Some of our bestselling geared cycles include the Snow Leopard, the Viper, the wolverin and most of our mountain bikes. Whether it is for city roads or for mountain trails, geared cycles will complement the wanderlust in you!

  • Are geared bicycles suitable for women?

    Yes, geared cycles are perfect for women as they help them enjoy the ride without draining away all their energy. It is perfect for women who intend to cycle everyday and make it an outdoor activity that they enjoy.

  • How does a geared bicycle work?

    A cycle with gears lets you choose the gear ration depending on the terrain you are riding on. For instance, if you are riding on a slope, a lower gear ratio lets you ride uphill easily by increasing your pedaling rate while decreasing your effort. You can also shift gears on a plain road to increase your RPM (rotations per minute) without pedaling too hard.