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Single Speed Cycles

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A single speed cycle has a single gear ratio. The speed that you can reach on such bikes depends completely on how fast or slow you pedal.


  • M
  • 10+ Yrs
  • 5"-5'7"
  • 26"/66cm
4.5 415 Review
Mrp : 18,599/- 18,599

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Buy Single Speed Cycles Online At Ninety One Cycles

Enjoy every bit of your riding experience with single speed cycles from Ninety One Cycles

A single speed or non-geared cycle is a bicycle without any gear and has a single gear ratio. The speed that you can reach on such bikes depends completely on how fast or slow you pedal. This particular reason limits the speed that you can achieve on a single speed cycle. However, if you are looking at buying a non-geared cycle for leisure riding like only once a week then single speed cycles are perfect. Whether you are looking at riding through city roads to run daily errands or looking at weekend cycling with friends, single speed bicycles won’t let you down. Ninety One Cycles has a range of single speed cycles that cannot be ignored and must be added to your list of favourites if you are looking at something in this category. The plethora of options available along with the amazing specs and features will surely make you fall in love with single speed cycles from Ninety One Cycles.

Explore a range of single speed cycles online at Ninety One Cycles

Delve deep into your search for the perfect single speed cycle of your choice and Ninety One Cycles will have you sorted:

  • Defeat ‘Defeat Fear’ 29T:

    The Deafetr is crafted for performance and comfort, this bicycle with its low-rise frame and 29” wheelbase provides greater traction and efficiency for longer rides You also get the comfort of shock-free suspension and the safety of disc brakes in this classy ride. It is the perfect beast that can easily outdo its contemporaries.

  • Meraki 27.5T:

    If you are looking at buying a single speed cycle but still want assistance on hills and slopes, go for the Meraki 27.5T. The best E-bike in the market, the Meraki is powered by Panasonic cells to give you a superior range of upto 35 kms. The 4 travel modes make it easy to accelerate on all terrains. Passionately engineered, it offers the most memorable experience to its riders.

Regular single speed cycles are freewheel cycles where the rear wheel is not fixed to the pedal. This allows you to cruise occasionally, after you have reached a particular speed. This is very useful when riding downhill since you don’t have to pedal as gravity helps you cruise.

Browse through other offerings by Ninety One Cycles

Other than single speed bikes, there are many other options that you can shop for at Ninety One Cycles. Have a look at road bikes, all terrain bikes, fat tyre bikes, hybrid bikes and e-bikes. The features that these bikes boast make them a cut above the rest. You will definitely get heads turning with your selection. So, get started and begin your browsing journey now!

Go for hassle-free online shopping for single speed cycles at Ninety One Cycles

The Ninety One Cycles online shopping portal is easy, convenient and hassle-free. Shop for your dream bicycle as you explore the various options available while sitting in the comfort of your home. The ‘Find Your Perfect Bike’ option will make it easier for you to select the right bicycle, and the smooth payment gateway will ensure your shopping reaches your doorstep without any complications.


  • Are single speed bikes good for exercise?

    Yes, single speed cycles are great for exercise as they are controlled by your speed of pedalling. You can either for fast and burn alot more calories or ride leisurely. They are great for all those who are looking at cycling as a way to embrace the outdoors and get in their physical activity.

  • What is the average price of single speed bicycles in India?

    Some of the best single speed cycles in India will cost you an average of Rs. 9,000 - 15,000 depending on what kind of features, power and colours you opt for. However, along with the price we would also suggest looking at your comfort with the cycle.

  • Which is the best single speed cycle in your store?

    Some of our bestselling single speed cycles include the Defeatr and the Meraki E-bike. If you are someone who is looking at getting a non-geared cycle then these two will definitely make you fall in love with cycling.