Voice of our Riders

"Amazing bike for an active lifestyle"
Vijay Malhotra

'Meraki' - the most innovative Ebike.

Today I did a test ride of Meraki Ninety One electric bicycle by AlphaVector at Imperial Cycles. 'Meraki' means doing something with creativity and soul. This MTB ebike justifies its name and built to take on the tough roads. Amazing to see Indian brands are comming up with innovative active lifestyle products.Try for yourself to feel it!

"Definitely the best e-bike on the market"
Sagar Rathod

This bike is AWESOME.

After many months of research on everything I could find on a wide selection of ebikes I settled on the Meraki ebike from Ninety One. It has some very important features like long-range battery, excellent quality workmanship with strong and sturdy components. The 91 Team have gone the extra mile in making certain sure that bike quality is great and built for Indian roads. Now i can go longer distance on bike and interestingly, I am still getting plenty of exercise on the ebike.

"Bike with safety & stunning looks"
Anav Jalotra

Overall a great bike !!!

Got this amazing Blue Yellow colour SpartanX just a few days ago. This Xtreme series FROG cycle feels extremely safe and comfortable while riding. I love the 3.0” fat tires, it gives me extra grip while riding on the road, provides very good balance and adds to the overall safety. I can ride this bike on the road or my society with great ease.

"Best Bike in the market for its price"

Snow Leopard is best in class MTB

Comparing it with other (unreliable) brands, I feel this bike gives you the best out of your money. It's been 2 weeks since I purchased it, completed 100+ kms, completely satisfied with my snow leopard 26T. I would recommend it to people who are in the range of beginner to intermediate level.

"Topgun is my favourite bike"
Rajveer Shinde

Topgun is extremely smooth and sturdy !

Togun is a great bike and I love the army green color. There was no other bike in the market with specs that Topgun bike has from Vector 91. The cycle is very smooth and comfortable to ride around my home and with my friends. I even got a lifetime warranty on the frame when I registered this bike.

"Awesome MTB for the road and mountains"
Albert Pachuau

Best geared MTB!

I purchased this awesome MTB in Aizawl, it fits perfectly with my height. This 27.5 inch is running so smooth, my place is of mountainous terrain, so it goes well with this bike. Of course, it is great for the commute as well as outdoor adventure. I even got a lifetime warranty on the frame when I registered this bike. I highly recommend for this price range among other MTBs

"Meraki is Reliable, Cost Effective and Inspires Confidence"
Kriti Sharma

A Dream E bike

Riding the Meraki feels really light and breezy and inspires confidence. This cycle is great for fitness as well as for daily commuting. Meraki is reliable, cost effective and owing one is a hassle free ownership experience.

"The perfect 3.0 bike"
Piyush Chakraborty

Sturdy & Durable beast

3.0 Vantage is just the perfect ride for me. It fits the best and looks like a beast. Graphics are stunning and unique. It\'s been almost 10 months since I have bought this bike and it runs like a beast. It is a perfect off-road bike with all the required components for beginners.

"Amazing hybrid bike for commute "
Kashyap V

Extremely smooth and sturdy !

Looked alot of bikes before this, but Trooper 700C was more comfortable for my height. I have been using this bike for a year now and I have done 2 long rides which are more than 120kms in a single day. It’s indeed a great bike for road adventure and for normal commutation. It’s very smooth on roads as well as offroad and you can ride it with ease. I even got a lifetime warranty on the frame when I registered this bike.