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"The best fat tire bike in India"
Sagar Rajput

Premium cycle

Did extensive market research and bought the bike as I did not find any other FTB in that price range. After using it since march 2020, I can now give my experience with the bike so far. Quality of the product is excellent and worthy of its brand name. The gear shifter is smooth and range of gears more than adequate for the roads of Mumbai. I am happy to see some Indian brand making such quality cycle in India. After purchasing i even got free lifetime frame warranty of the cycle.

"Race 20T: Race like a pro"
Vivaan Dogra

Best kid's bike

We just purchased Frog 20T Race for our 6-year-old kid. It didn't take us long to finalize this model as for a kids cycle it surely screams jazzy. On the features front, we couldn't be happier - solid frame, power brakes, and sturdy tires. My kid is happy, what more can we ask for!

"Beehive the best kids’ bike"
Ovi Mhatre

Highly recommended!

I love my Beehive bike. It was best birthday gift that I have received. The unique frame design along with the Pink colour makes the bike standout. This bike is very easy to handle and I ride it almost every day. It also comes with its own water bottle and bottle holder. It is truly the world’s best kids’ bike.

"Amazing hybrid bike for commute "
Kashyap V

Extremely smooth and sturdy !

Looked alot of bikes before this, but Trooper 700C was more comfortable for my height. I have been using this bike for a year now and I have done 2 long rides which are more than 120kms in a single day. It’s indeed a great bike for road adventure and for normal commutation. It’s very smooth on roads as well as offroad and you can ride it with ease. I even got a lifetime warranty on the frame when I registered this bike.

"Bike with safety & stunning looks"
Anav Jalotra

Overall a great bike !!!

Got this amazing Blue Yellow colour SpartanX just a few days ago. This Xtreme series FROG cycle feels extremely safe and comfortable while riding. I love the 3.0” fat tires, it gives me extra grip while riding on the road, provides very good balance and adds to the overall safety. I can ride this bike on the road or my society with great ease.

"Colossal for fitness and health !!!"
Basheer Khan

Dream Colossal!

I am a beginner in cycling for fitness, Initially, I enquired about many cycle brands but had to choose Frog Colossal because of its attractive looks and weight capacity. I am approximately 100 kg and 29er Colossal has proved to be the best and strong ride for me. I believe that Frog Colossal will make my life better, healthy, and happy.

"Chelsea the perfect MTB"
Anees Palara

My Mountain Companion

I wanted to buy an MTB at a reasonable price and 27.5T Chelsea fits right in my budget. The size fits me well and the minimal graphics make it stand out. The rides on the mountain are amazing whit this ride. It is rugged, durable & expresses the spirit of Chelsea

"Awesome MTB for the road and mountains"
Albert Pachuau

Best geared MTB!

I purchased this awesome MTB in Aizawl, it fits perfectly with my height. This 27.5 inch is running so smooth, my place is of mountainous terrain, so it goes well with this bike. Of course, it is great for the commute as well as outdoor adventure. I even got a lifetime warranty on the frame when I registered this bike. I highly recommend for this price range among other MTBs

"The perfect 3.0 bike"
Piyush Chakraborty

Sturdy & Durable beast

3.0 Vantage is just the perfect ride for me. It fits the best and looks like a beast. Graphics are stunning and unique. It\'s been almost 10 months since I have bought this bike and it runs like a beast. It is a perfect off-road bike with all the required components for beginners.

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