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10 Reasons Why Electric Cycles Are All The Rage!

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10 Reasons Why Electric Cycles Are All The Rage!

Electric bicycles are one of the best inventions to be added to the world of cycling. These cycles are everything that we need in our lives right now; an electric cycle is energy efficient and runs on a chargeable battery. An electric cycle comes with various benefits, which makes it such a great choice for a cyclist. While an e-cycle comes with all the traditional benefits of a regular cycle but there are a few more extra benefits that make it the perfect gift to us or a loved one. One of the best electric cycles can be found at Ninety One Cycles. Our Meraki Ultra and Meraki S7 are some of the latest additions to a range of highly sophisticated, efficient, and high-performing cycles.

Some of the benefits are:

1. Better physical health

Good physical health is essential for a happy and healthy life. Whether it is our muscles or joints, all these important parts get thoroughly exercised while we are on our cycle. Cycling an electric bike is also perfect for our cardiovascular health, lung health as well as bone health. An electric cycle provides us with excellent physical health, which improves our quality of life.

2. Easier on the joints

Many individuals prefer not to cycle because it can be strenuous for their hip joints, sacroiliac joints, and especially knees. Even our lower back, as well as the neck, can suffer. However, with an electric cycle, our body does not have to exert as much pressure on our joints. An electric cycle comes with a motor which gives it sufficient energy to run on its own. The pedal assists feature of an electric cycle truly makes the task easier for anyone suffering from weak knees.

3. Good for the environment

An electric cycle is excellent for the environment and a great alternative to fuel-guzzling vehicles. With global warming on the rise and the poor quality of the air, we are getting susceptible to various lung diseases. By purchasing an electric cycle, we are doing our part in saving the environment as well as encouraging others to take up cycling as well.

4. Easy to commute to work

Commuting to work on a cycle has become quite the trend these days. However, most of us are discouraged because no one wants to arrive at their office huffing and puffing and covered with sweat. An electric cycle is a perfect alternative here; we can reach the office early and still save up on our energies without compromising upon the benefits of endorphins and other happy hormones which get released while cycling.

5. Faster than a normal cycle

An electric cycle is faster than a normal cycle, and we apply lesser effort as well. This makes an electric cycle the ideal ride. If you are looking for a cycle that carries the benefits of cycling but is less tiresome, then an electric cycle is the perfect option.

6. Good for mental health

Depression and anxiety are on the rise. Poor mental health is one epidemic that none of us is able to tackle. However, physical activity such as cycling can give us the benefit of better mental health. Cycling regularly also helps in hormonal balance, which can further improve our state of mind. Cycling regularly helps us with our sleep cycle as well, and better sleep will result in better mental health.

7. Less sweat

No one enjoys getting sweaty, especially when we must reach a particular location, such as our offices, and look sharp and well-dressed. With the help of an electric cycle, we can reach our destinations faster without exerting too much of our energy. This ensures that we are stressing less and sweating less. No one enjoys sweat-stained clothes.!

8. Easy on the pockets [in the long run]

Purchasing an electric cycle is cheaper than purchasing a motorbike or a car. Not only this but with the rising prices of fuel, driving a car has become an expensive affair. However, with an electric cycle, we are saving up on these costs and even hospital bills since we will now have better health which means fewer trips to the doctor.

9. No noise pollution

Not only does cycling and electric bike help with mental chatter, but it also promotes a noise-free environment. Cars and motorbikes have become the biggest source of noise pollution in the world. This constant humdrum of traffic can be irritating to our senses. Choosing an electric bicycle helps us curb noise pollution to an extent.

10. Futuristic and savvy

An electric bike is the vehicle of tomorrow. The world is moving towards environment-conscious products, and an electric cycle fits the agenda. We must do our part in saving the environment; a battery run cycle is a great way to do so.

Electric bicycles are the greatest additions to a range of cycles, such as mountain cycles, road cycles, hybrid cycles, and all-terrain cycles. An e-bike is a perfect cycle as it includes the benefits of traditional cycles as well. It is easy to find an electric cycle that comes under your budget, and we at Ninety One cycles have a whole range that will impress you. The ten benefits above are only a few on the list, but we hope they help you invest in one as well.

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