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The Revolutionary Bicycle – The Meraki e-bike

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The Revolutionary Bicycle – The Meraki e-bike

Most people enjoy cycling. It's a great way to commute and keep fit at the same time. Many cyclists use the bicycle as part of their exercise regime. This vehicle, since its inception, has been through quite a few upgrades. However, the most significant upgrade and revolutionary change of all has been the electrically assisted pedal cycle, or as it's popularly known as, the e-bike.

World over, the e-bike has become the bicycle of choice for many cyclists, and its popularity continues to grow. In India, users of the indigenously designed Ninety One Meraki e-bike have been raving about its superior qualities and the fantastic riding experience.

Read on to find out what they have to say.

1) "We can cycle farther."

Because it's an e-bike, and with the power, you are bound to find the distance, not a deterrent. The Meraki gives you an impressive range of 35 kilometers on a single charge.

2) "Cycling has become easier."

With an e-bike, riding on inclines, flyovers, hills, and steep roads become a breeze. No huffing and puffing or avoiding certain routes.

3) "Commuting is now an enjoyable experience."

Cycling daily to work becomes a viable option with an e-bike. A cyclist will enjoy the ride and not be exhausted and sweaty at the start of a workday. The e-bike, with its power, gives you a comfortable cycling experience.

4) "It is a bicycle with power."

The Meraki e-bike has a 250 Watts Rear Hub Motor, and with a speed limit of 25 km/h, you are bound to feel the power.

5) "It has the best-in-class power source."

The Meraki is powered by lithium-Ion Panasonic 8650 BD cells with a best-in-class 6.36 Ah, 36V, and temperature sensors, all neatly secured in an aluminium casing and protected within the frame's down tube.

6) "We love the advanced control architecture."

The convenient and well-placed 12 magnets PAS or Pedal Assist Sensors in the Maeraki e-bike and other controls in the intuitively designed keypad help the rider switch modes without looking at the control panel.

7) "Comforting Simplicity of a Single-Speed Gear."

The Meraki e-bike is single-speed to ensure high efficiency and a noise-free riding experience.

8) "We feel comfortable riding the Meraki whatever the weather."

It indeed is your trusted ride during the hot, sultry days or even on rainy days with the IP65 Electronics rating dust and water-resistant

9) "Multiple riding modes options are available with this e-bike."

The Meraki has three riding options. The choices include the Pedal Mode, which is like a traditional bicycle. You then have the Electrical or Pedal Assist, which allows the rider to take advantage of combined human and electric power via the motor, which has three levels-low, medium and high, indicating the level of motor power. It makes cycling effortless, flattens out the hills, and frees you to enjoy yourself and the scenery. If you feel like riding pedal-free, like a scooter, you can choose the Throttle Mode and let the motor do all the work. You also have the Walk Along mode to effortlessly glide the bicycle alongside you while walking.

10) "No license and no registration required."

The Meraki e-bike with a speed limit of 25 km/h and a power limit of 250 watts, requires no vehicle registration and license.

11) "Great safety features with the half throttle and e-brakes."

Safety First!A unique feature of a half-throttle that ensures that the bicycle does not erroneously turn on when mounting it. An additional safety feature is the e-brakes cutting out the motor when the rider applies the brakes stopping the bike immediately. A great feature to take care of your safety.

12) "Quick and convenient charging."

The charging point is conveniently placed to the side of the frame and can reach full charge in a little over three hours using a standard home socket.

13) "Savings on fuel costs"

Think of all the money you save while choosing to ride the Meraki e-bike vs fuel-powered vehicles.

14) "Part of the future world of e-power"

The future is electric, and with the Meraki e-bike, you are closer to the new world and future-ready. Even fuel-powered vehicles are making way for their green electric-powered versions.

These are more than good enough reasons to make the Meraki e-bike your vehicle of choice. The Meraki truly lives up to its name, a Greek word meaning to put a little bit of yourself, your soul, passion, and devotion into doing a task or creating something. The Meraki e-bike is designed with Meraki, and it shows.

We'd love to hear from you if you are a Meraki e-bike owner or thinking of buying one. Please do share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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