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5 Repair Kit Essentials for a Bicycle Tyre Puncture

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5 Repair Kit Essentials for a Bicycle Tyre Puncture

While we hope that every bicycle ride we take will be enjoyable and without any untoward incidents, the unexpected happens. Breakdowns and other road emergencies may occur.

The most common technical problem that can disrupt your bicycle ride is a tire puncture or a flat. While we recommend that every rider does a basic 4 step bicycle check before every ride, you may still have to deal with a punctured tyre. With a bit of knowledge, practice, and having the right tools, you can easily and quickly fix one in no time and be on your way. We recommend you watch some YouTube videos explaining how to fix a puncture and practice removing and fixing back your bicycle wheel and tube. Read on to find out the essential tools that you must carry along with you while you're out on a ride.

1) Multitool Ki

Similar to the Swiss Army knife, a multitool kit is available primarily for bicycle adjustments and repairs. Most have a variety of Allen wrenches, hex wrenches, a flathead, and a Philips screwdriver, a chain tool, amongst other tools. This kit is most handy in tightening any nuts and bolts in your cycle. And when you have a tire puncture, the wrench will come in handy to loosen the nuts that hold the wheel. However, for geared bicycles with quick-release clamps, you can easily remove the wheel by pulling the lever.

2) Portable Mini Pump

As part of your traveling tool kit, you must include a compact and portable mini-pump that is not larger than a slim one-liter mineral water bottle that can easily be attached to the frame of your bicycle. There's a multitude of choices available. Look for one with an inbuilt pressure gauge.

3) Puncture Repair Kit

A puncture repair kit includes glue, tube patches, and some sandpaper. All needed to fix a minor puncture.

4) Tire Levers

Lightweight plastic ones are a great option to add to your portable repair kit. A must-have to slide between the tire and the wheel rim to pop the tire off so that you can patch the tube puncture. Do not be tempted to use a knife or any other sharp instrument. There are chances that you may inadvertently damage the tire and the tube.

5) Spare Tube

A great addition in your repair kit just in case the tyre tube has been damaged beyond repair, or in case a valve stem has broken off. Keep a spare, ensuring that it is the size that would fit your bicycles' tire. Look out for lightweight ones if possible.

If you're thinking about the inconvenience of the extra items to lug around with you on your ride, you can invest in either a compact saddle bag, handlebar bags, or a top tube frame bag that can conveniently hold all your repair kit tools.

Do you have an exciting experience with a bicycle puncture to share, or do you have some tips of your own? We'd love to hear from you add your comments in the space below.

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