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4-Step Bicycle Check Before Every Ride

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4-Step Bicycle Check Before Every Ride

Not just a professional cyclist but every bicycle rider must conduct a quick check to prevent issues from occurring and avoid small unattended situations from becoming dangerous and expensive breakdowns.

We have put together 4 checks that we recommended you do before every bicycle ride.

1) Wheelset

Think bicycle and you imagine two large wheels. The wheels make up the majority of this vehicle. You don't want anything untowardly and unexpectedly happening to the wheels, like getting loose or worse coming off.

Check that each wheel is securely attached. Be sure that the axle nuts or the quick-release mechanisms are tight and hold both the front and rear wheel on securely.

2) Tires

To enjoy your ride and avoid a puncture ensure that the air pressure in the bicycle tires is adequate. Tires leak air over time and you need to top-up when required to get a general idea press down on the top of the wheel. To get precise readings use an air gauge to find out if the pressure is as per the recommended range. If not use a bicycle tire pump to reach the desired pressure.

Another tire check that is recommended is a visual review of each tire for any foreign objects like sharp stones or nails that may be lodged and embedded in the thread that could be a potential cause of punctures. In case you find any, proactively pry them out before you start riding.

3) Brakes

Important, actually very important, check that both brakes are functioning well. You don't want to be caught amid traffic and suddenly realize that the brakes are not functioning. Do a brake check in two parts. One, press both brakes together and ensure that the levers are functioning.

There should be a smooth movement of the levers towards the handlebar with just a one or two-finger space in-between. Next, check on the functioning of each of the brakes. Press the left-hand brake lever and try rolling the bicycle forward and backward. The brakes should hold firm without slipping. Do the same with the right-hand brake.

4) Bicycle Chain

Here again, look out for two things, the functioning and if there is adequate lubrication. Spin the pedals to confirm that the chain drives the rear wheel.

And if it is a geared bike make sure the gear lever and the derailleurs work to shift the chain between the gears. Also, check that the chain is clean and adequately lubricated so that it can move freely.

Doing these four checks before every ride will minimize the possibility of having a break-down or a situation crop up while you are on your journey.

Do you have any recommendations from your experience on pre-ride bicycle checks? If you do, we'd love to hear about them. Write to us at

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