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India, Gear Up For Premium Cycling With KTM and Ninety One Cycles

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India, Gear Up For Premium Cycling With KTM and Ninety One Cycles

Only a real bicycle fanatic would understand why we are so excited about this collaboration. KTM bike industry is one of the most sought-after brands in the world owing to their stylish products that boast some of the most insane features. With KTM cycles now in India, a whole new avenue is now open for Indian consumers. It marks the entry of Ninety One Cycles in the premium segment and fills a gap that was present in the current market. Bicycle enthusiasts can now make their dream of owning a KTM bike, a reality and thereby enhance their overall riding experience. The partnership between the two brands only made sense as both the brands share similar values and ethos. Let's get into the similarities between the brands before we dive deep into the various offerings that this partnership has helped bring together:


Every single bicycle that comes under the KTM and Ninety One Cycles collaboration showcases the purity of design and uncompromising function that defines the passion of the rider. Taking the power and performance into your own hands and unleashing it at will, without distraction.


Without a good performing bicycle, you will never really reach that ultimate level of enjoyment where you get your pulse racing every time you hit the pedal. Without an exceptional performance, you will never really be passionate about your ride.


This partnership marks the iconic entry of KTM in Indian markets and the entry of Ninety One Cycles in the niche, premium segment of bicycles. It will help provide the Indian consumer, with a riding experience that will be unforgettable every time they take their bike out for a spin.


Ninety One's vision of getting the next generation to reclaim the outdoors and approach a more active lifestyle fits perfectly well with KTMs brand value of offering an adventure. They believe that adventure is not for everyone, but for those who commit to it, there is no end. So, get out there and go on an adventure!

The similar beliefs and thoughts of the two brands helped them launch KTM in India. Explore the various bicycles and their thrilling features to know what sets these bikes apart from what currently exists in the market:

Chicago Series:

The perfect MTB of your dreams, your companion on an adventure, or for your daily commute to the office, this one will offer you an experience like no other. A single spin on the Chicago bicycle will leave you in awe of its cutting-edge engineering, design, and ergonomics. The robust and light frame offers the most exceptional performance on the trail. The extended top-tube lengths and slacker head angle make sure the bike offers great stability, the faster you go. The multi-purpose bicycle offers a wide range of use, without costing the world.

Revelator Series:

The KTM Revelator series is the king in the three prime spheres of cycling: Weight - Technology - Dynamic. This bicycle balances the distribution of forces generated in the bottom bracket and the tension of the rear wheel by the active rear struts, increasing the speed with each pedal stroke. A road bike that won't let you down, the Revelator is great for long weekend rides on flat roads or even for your daily commute to the office or drop off at school. A riding experience that will leave you spoilt, the Revelator is one of the best-selling variants of this segment.

Ultra Series:

The Ultra series stands for precise manufacturing and optimal sizing. With different options available for every body type and ride preference, this bicycle is perfect for those who are looking for a high-end MTB. The specially shaped top tube increases the freedom of body movement and ensures ultimate control in every situation. The Ultra is an aluminum hardtail classic that will perform way beyond your expectations. This multi-purpose bike offers a wide range of use and an experience of a world-class ride.

Ninety One Cycles is the sole franchise of KTM bicycles in India. You can get your hands on these cycles online by way of placing a pre-order online or buying them through select dealers across the country. The pricing of these niche and exclusive bicycles starts from a minimum of Rs. 63,000 and goes up to Rs. 3,00,000. The premium range of bicycles are worth every penny not only because of the performance of the bikes but also because of the brand association of KTM.

Each bicycle is designed with meticulous detailing and informed engineering by experts that have studied the market for years together. With the manufacturing taking place in Austria, the KTM and Ninety One bicycles will reach you within 7-10 days of placing an order.

The after-sales service is completely managed by Ninety One Cycles so if you are worried about any dysfunctional part or any sort of servicing, Ninety One cycles has you covered.

Why invest in a KTM and Ninety One Cycles bike?

The association of two brands KTM and Ninety One Cycles brings together two pathbreaking bicycle makers. The collaboration will cater to both, the leisure bicycle market and the performance bicycle market. Bringing the best of design, ergonomics, and innovation, we are certain this association will help further the already accelerated adoption of cycling in India.

What does this collaboration mean for the Indian market?

Cycling in India is seeing a paradigm shift and is evolving at a tremendous pace. The premium segment is receiving traction as people are adopting cycling as a lifestyle rather than just a way of transportation. The launch of KTM bicycles in India will not only help cater to consumers that are looking for quality and high-performance but will also give them an exceptional buying and ownership experience.

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