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Stunning range of bikes designed for independent minds, go-getters and adventure seekers alike


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  • 26"/66cm
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Buy Women’s Bikes Online At Ninety One Cycles

Upgrade your ride with bicycles for women from Ninety One Cycles

While women’s bikes have been around for several years, there are many who remain deprived of the many benefits of cycling. Studies have proven that cycling for women is one of the best exercises both for physical as well as mental wellness. Ninety One Cycles offers some of the best women’s bicycles that are comfortable to ride as well as assist you in getting your daily count of calories burnt.

Whether you are looking for a weekend ride, a cycle to run errands or a ride that will help you get back to your love for cycling, Ninety One Cycles got you covered with the very best. If you have done all your research about women’s cycles and are still confused about which one to buy, we suggest getting the Ninety One Cycles ride as you will be extremely happy and content with your selection.

The variety of colours, styles, gears, power and variations that the bikes at Ninety One Cycles offer will make you fall in love with the brand.

Explore a range of bikes for women online at Ninety One Cycles

Ninety One Cycles has a range of women’s bicycles depending on what kind of cycling adventure you are looking for. Pick the bike right for you:

  • Mountain Bikes for women

    Who said women can’t go mountain biking? If you have the right knowledge and skills then nothing can stop you from going uphill or tackling downhill slopes. Mountain biking involves cyclists riding bicycles off-road (usually set on rough terrains like mountains, desert, or rocks) on specially designed bicycles. These bikes boast a stronger frame and often feature front and rear suspensions which help in off-road performance. Some of our bestselling mountain bikes for women include the Raptor 26T and the Viper 27.5T.

  • Electric Bicycle for women

    Make cycling fun and sustainable with an e-bike. Most of your peers must be having one and it’s now time for you to add it to the cart as well. Whether your goal is to conquer miles on the road, tackle steep and technical terrain off-road or glide through town without being drenched in sweat, your reasons to turn to an electric bicycle may differ but what can’t be ignored is that E-bikes are quite a rage in today’s world. E-bicycles come with a battery-powered ‘assist’ that comes via pedalling and, in some cases, a throttle. When you push the pedals on a pedal-assist e-bike, a small motor engages & gives you a boost, so you can ride uphill without tiring yourself. The Meraki UX 26T, Meraki 27.5T and Meraki S7 27.5T E-bikes by Ninety One Cycles are grabbing eyeballs for the many enviable features that they boast of. .

  • Hybrid Bikes for women

    Hybrid bikes combine the features of the road, mountain and touring bikes. Perfect for those on the fence who wish to go for something comfortable and versatile, hybrid bikes are great for multiple surfaces. They draw on the strength of both mountain and touring bikes and merge this with the sleek, aero nature of a road bike. Some of our bestselling hybrid bikes are Endurance 700C, Wanderer 700C & Wayfarer 700C.

  • Road Bikes for women

    Road bikes are built for speed. They are designed to thrust you forward with every pedal stroke. They are very light and have a lot more gears to adapt to any sort of incline or decline. Everything about a road bike is designed to push to the farthest distance with the most efficiency. Have a look at our best road bikes: Revelator 4000

Browse through other offerings by Ninety One Cycles

Other than bicycles for women, there are many other options that you can shop for at Ninety One Cycles. Have a look at men’s bikes, boys’ bicycles and girls’ bicycles . The features that these bikes boast make them a cut above the rest. You will definitely get heads turning with your selection. So, get started and begin your browsing journey now!

Go for hassle-free online shopping for women’s bikes at Ninety One Cycles

The Ninety One Cycles online shopping portal is easy, convenient and hassle-free. Shop for your dream bicycle as you explore the various options available while sitting in the comfort of your home. The 'Find Your Perfect Bike' option will make it easier for you to select the right bicycle, and the smooth payment gateway will ensure your shopping reaches your doorstep without any complications.


  • Which is the most cost effective women's bike?

    Women’s bikes are one of the best investments you will make because you are investing in your health and wellness. The Raptor 26T, Stardust 26T and the Meraki are some of the most cost effective options that also boast of a plethora of features. These bicycles offer an experience that you will enjoy every time you hit the pedal. Whether it is for your daily exercise or a leisure ride on the weekend, these cycles will ensure you have fun.

  • How to determine the perfect size of bicycle for women?

    Depending on your age, gender, and other details, you can pick the right cycle for yourself. Make sure you add these details in the ‘Find Your Perfect Bike’ section and find the right fit for you. A perfect bicycle for you should fit seamlessly with your body frame and should make you feel comfortable every time you hit the pedal.

  • How can a women’s bike be differentiated from men’s bikes?

    Women’s bicycles are designed keeping in mind the comfort and the average height and frame of a femal body. They are stylish, come in some great colours and are powerful. The primary difference however, will be the size of the bicycle frame.

  • Which is the best womens cycle for weight loss?

    Cycling is a great form of exercising. No matter which cycle you pick from Ninety One Cycles, you can be assured that you will be comfortable using it daily. With daily cycling and eating right, you can definitely achieve your goal of losing weight and staying fit.