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Fat Tire Cycles: Everything You Need To Know About Ftbs

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Fat Tire Cycles: Everything You Need To Know About Ftbs

Trends are an essential part of the world; sometimes, they last a whole season, while most of the time, they become a part of our daily lives. There are many types of bikes available today, such as e-bicycles, mountain bikes, road bikes, city bikes, all-terrain bikes, and hybrid bikes. These bicycles are created for different purposes and cater to the requirements of a wide variety of riders. At Ninety One Cycles, each category is composed of perfectly engineered bikes. They are powerful; every rider is only pleased with the rides these bikes provide. One category that has gone from a simple trend to becoming an intrinsic part of the biking world is the fat-tire bike.

What is a fat-tire cycle?

In the simplest terms, a fat-tire bike is one with extensive tires. These tires are typically four to five-inch thick and generate high traction with the ground. They have a good grip and are stable on the roads. Fat-tire cycles were an instant favourite with the biking community, and many exchanged their old bikes for an opportunity of owning a fat-tire cycle.

What are the benefits of owning a fat-tire cycle?

The benefits of fat-tire bikes are many; they offer a lot of utility to their ride. Let's check out some of the help:

  1. A fat-tire cycle can conquer all sorts of surfaces. You can ride this bike over snowy hills, and it can be ridden over muddy and wet roads; even sandy deserts fall short in front of this mighty beast.
  2. Fat tires are rugged and robust bicycles that can withstand severe weather conditions as well; this makes them rough and tough. They are more weighty than even mountain bikes and therefore can resist the strongest weather conditions like heavy winds.
  3. Fat-tire cycles offer increased comfort during the ride; they provide higher comfort levels at low tire pressure and are rigid as well since most fat-tire bikes don't come with suspension systems. Generally, fat-tire bikes don't need suspensions.
  4. Fat-tire bikes are bulky beasts, and their structures, while svelte and durable, are prone to lesser damage despite wear and tear. In fact, a fat-tire bike requires lesser maintenance as compared to its counterparts.
  5. If you're looking for a good workout during your ride, a fat-tire bike will provide you with one. These bikes are heavy, and most of them only come with a single speed. Moving them forth will require endurance and energy on your part. However, your muscles will get a good workout.
  6. If you're a beginner looking for getting into a specialized bike, then a fat-tire cycle is a good place to start. It will offer better balance, and riding it will be easier.

Now that we've understood the meaning and the benefits of fat-tire cycles, it is time to look into some of the bestselling fat-tire {FTBs} on Ninety One Cycles. These cycles are engineered to perfection and offer many specifications and features that make these FTBs a class apart compared to their peers. Let's check them out:

1. VantageX 27.5T

Part of the Xtreme Series, VantageX 27.5T is a true beast on the road and will capture every rider's eyes. This bike can hit and conquer any trail that is placed, whether it is a gravelly mountain road or even a marshy land. The bicycle is made of sturdy and strong carbon hi-tensile steel and comes with a 91 Suspension 60 mm travel. This bike is blessed with JAK 7 F/R mechanical disc brakes and comes with a 21-speed SHIMANO EF 500. The Derailleur on the bicycle is a SHIMANO Tourney, and along with all these features, the bike offers colour-coordinated premium seat and wires.

2. RegionX 26T

A rough and tough frame that is svelte, the RegionX comes with a carbon hi-tensile steel frame with a V91 Suspension 60mm Travel. The brakes on this bike are powerful mechanical brakes, and the tires are solid three-inch oversize hi-traction nylon tires that offer a solid grip on the surface. The bike also comes with double-wall rust-free alloy rims and colour coordinated premium seats and wires. The bike comes in beautiful, striking colours.

3. SpartanX 24T

Named after the strong mythical warriors, this bike is truly a warrior that can fight against all weather and ride like a majestic beast. This bike has a frame of carbon hi-tensile steel with a 91 Suspension 60mm Travel. It has solid F/R mechanical disc brakes and SHIMANO Tourney Derailleur. The bike has signature oversize tires that offer a strong grip on the surface. The bike has a NECO threadless low-friction headset and even with all these strong features, the bike weighs only 18.4 kg. With striking colours, this bike will be the apple of your eye.

4. Skullrider 24T

The Skullrider is a superb bike that comes with a host of fantastic features that make it a cool ride on all terrains. With the fierceness of an MTB and ATB and the dynamics of a hybrid bike, the Skullrider is here to impress. The bike has a frame of carbon hi-tensile steel and classic three-inch oversized tires that offer excellent grip on the road. The seats are colour coordinated and the bike comes in beautiful colours which make it elegant and yet challenging. This suave beast also has an amazing suspension system and a mechanical brake system as well.

Fat-tire cycles are indeed a category of their own, they offer stability, style, and adventure. They are sleek and can conquer any challenge that's put in front of them. With this, I wonder "what would be the best fat tyre cycle under 20K". Let's check them out!

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