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Channel The Child Within You With Ninety One Cycles

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Channel The Child Within You With Ninety One Cycles

We've all had memories of our parents or older siblings and guardians holding our bikes from the back as we moved the pedal and tried to find balance. However, we didn't realize that this balance wasn't just about peddling the right way and staying upright as the road moved along but a balance within ourselves. A balance where, as we grew, we decided not to be fun, where we decided to not try these new things in life. A balance that soon see-sawed on one side, and we became so rooted to the ground with the burdens of the world and life, least realizing that a child still existed within.

The inner child always exists within us, and it isn't meant to go away, and it will never go away. Perhaps the voice will quieten over a period as you pursue things you are meant to at a certain age or prioritize society's rules over your happiness. Still, this inner child exists to give you the satisfaction you deserve in life. Your inner child is the one that tickles you to try out new things or understand that life isn't meant to be taken seriously. Sometimes this inner child stays unloved, ignored, and hurt, but it is now time to bring the little one and truly embrace life like it is meant to be.

Honestly, embracing your inner child isn't as easy; there is a lot of unlearning and relearning that needs to be done. At Ninety One Cycles, adventure is a keyword. Treat your life as an adventure; meet each moment with zest and happiness. Take that bicycle from the spandrel under the staircase, dust it off and take it for a ride. If you don't have a cycle, choose from an envious collection at Ninety One Cycles, but allow yourself to feel the air as you soar down the road like a bird, allow yourself that moment of freedom, the same one that you felt when you realized that life was all about balancing and peddling and not leaning towards one side of the road too much, lest you fall

However, there are a few other ways through which you can unleash the child within you, using your trustee partner, i.e., your bicycle.

1. Teaching children how to cycle.

It is an incredibly noble and giving activity to partake in. Teach your children or little nieces and nephews or cousins the art of cycling. Learning to cycle is a different kind of graduation; it is like tapping into freedom, its feels like a bird, and every child must get the opportunity to learn cycling from a trusted adult member of their social circle. The interaction between an adult and child is a gift; the child learns how to exercise a bit of caution while the adult learns how to be carefree. It is a pure interaction that creates one of the most beautiful memories.

2. Donating bicycles to children

If children don't surround you, donating bicycles to needy children will do you and them good. Every child in their life deserves a bike; everyone deserves a first bike. An episode in the acclaimed sitcom FRIENDS comes to mind when one of the leading protagonists, Ross, realizes that his friend, Pheobe, never had a bicycle in her childhood and hence never learned how to ride a bike. It is truly astounding to realize how many underprivileged children miss out on crucial memories; we genuinely are privileged and must share it with as many children as possible. The feeling of a first bicycle is indescribable and is like a rite of passage for every child.

3. Joining a cycling group or club

Perhaps you can have direct access to your inner child, join a group of like-minded individuals, cycle across town or tackle trails together, relive the memory of your little kid gang hurtling across the locality on your bikes, and enliven the child within. Don't treat cycling as a form of exercise, don't treat it like a chore but rather as an activity where you get to be yourself. There is a lot you can learn through this attitude; a childlike attitude towards life is an attitude of positivity, love, and courage. Be firm with your decisions, fire up your workspace but once you're on your bike, bring out the child within. Laugh with your friends, make plans, play games, and never judge yourself.

4. Recreate Memories

We've heard of couples retaking their wedding vows, we've seen students go to reunions and recreate their school memories, and perhaps, you can relive your memories through replaying memory of you first learning how to cycle. This is a fun exercise where you could get your parents in [if they taught you how to cycle] or whosoever introduced you and recreate the memory! If you are lucky enough to have your old cycle, perhaps you can sit on it and have your cycling mentor push you from behind. Make sure to click lots of pictures and post them on social media. Perhaps recreating this memory will activate the child within you!

5. Pass it down

If you are one of the lucky few to have your old cycle still, maybe it is time to pass it down to a worthy contender! You are passing down an essential piece of your life and the lessons that came along with it. It will indeed be a memory worth cherishing, and you will come face to face with a younger you. The sweet bliss of seeing someone enjoy your cycle will be unmatched.

Cycling is truly one of those activities that bring us face to face with our younger selves. While it is easy for us to push that child away, it isn't the correct course of action. The child within you should be cherished, and loved and should be a more active part of your adult life. When we were children, did we learn new things? All the time! Despite falling a hundred times, we persevered and got up. That's what children do; they don't accept failure. They come with a sense of stubbornness that can serve us later in our lives. So, be a kid and fly high!

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