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Cycle Shopping On A Budget: These Hybrid Cycles Under Rs.25K Are Perfect

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Cycle Shopping On A Budget: These Hybrid Cycles Under Rs.25K Are Perfect

The cycling industry has boomed over the past few years, and after the pandemic, almost everyone is picking up this exciting activity. Cycling is one such hobby that adapts to everyone's pace and needs. If you're someone whos looking for adventure, then a mountain bicycle is the perfect pick for you; if you're someone whos looking for a lot of speed and smooth riding, then perhaps a road bike will serve you well; if you're looking for something that lines up well with the trends of the automobile industry, then an e-cycle is for you. However, a hybrid cycle is for you if you're looking for something that does well on the road and gravel. A hybrid bicycle is a perfect pick as it brings elements of various cycles. Let's take a look at some features of a hybrid bicycle:

  1. The wheels of a hybrid cycle are usually 700C and have an average thickness. This thickness helps them maintain a grip on a variety of terrains. However, some hybrid cycles may also have 26-inch tires.
  2. The handlebar of a hybrid cycle allows for maximum comfort and is placed higher than the seat. This positioning allows for maximum comfort. Hybrid cycles might have lightweight drop bars or even flat bars. These allow for utmost ease on the roads.
  3. Most bicycle frames of a hybrid cycle are made of aluminium, which gives the cycle versatility across all terrains. However, steel and carbon frames are also becoming popular.
  4. Depending on the type of hybrid cycle, it can have no gear to as many as thirty gears. The more the gears, the more versatile it can be for different terrains. The low number of gears work well for commuting and road riding; however, a higher number of gears work well for mountainous landscapes.

There are various types of hybrid bicycles as well, such as trekking bikes and commuter bikes. However, let's look at the different hybrid cycles offered by Ninety One Cycles, all under INR 25,000. Here we go:

  • Hellfire 700C: Just like its name, the Hellfire 700C is a speedy beast like the missile named after. The Hellfire 700C is precise in its ride and covers the entire road with superior performance. The Hellfire 700C is perfect for various terrains, but it shows its prowess on paved roads. The bicycle comes with a hi-tensile steel frame that makes it durable; the sturdy and light rigid steel fork ensures an effortless ride for a long road length and provides impeccable performance on tougher terrains. The rapid and secure power V-brakes makes things safe and easy even in wet conditions. Now, we don't have to worry about skidding. Lastly, the 7-speed SHIMANO shifter gives a smooth performance on every terrain.
  • Wanderer 700C: This cycle is meant to quench the wanderlust within you. The wanderer is the perfect blend between mountain and road bicycles. The cycle comes with various features that make it beloved by many riders. The bicycle comes with lightweight carbon hi-tensile steel. The sturdy and light-rigid steel fork offers a smooth and bump-free ride. The front and rear mechanical disc brakes make riding a safe experience, and we can ride the bicycle even in wet conditions and not skid; that's the power of this bicycle. This single-speed bicycle comes with hi-traction tires that offer a good grip on the road. The wanderer is perfect for paved roads and light off-roading. This stylish hybrid cycle will help you take over the roads.

  • Black Arrow 700C: A well-known missile program with the highest success rate, the Black Arrow is lethal and yet beautiful. Named after this missile program, the Black Arrow 700C offers a variety of features that makes it so fantastic and amazing on the road. The Black Arrow comes with a hi-tensile steel frame; this frame is durable and can bear the wear and tear of various terrains. Another impressive feature is the sturdy and light rigid steel fork which offers a smooth and effortless long rife on multiple terrains. This hybrid variant also comes with front and rear disk brakes that make our rides smooth and safe. The bicycle has a 7-speed SHIMANO shifter that is a cherry on top.
  • Wayfarer 700C: The ultimate bicycle for all our travels, the Wayfarer 700C comes with many features that make it the perfect pick for our next bike. The Wayfarer comes with a carbon hi-tensile steel frame; this makes the rides durable from any wear and tear coming our way. The sturdy and light rigid steel fork makes the rides effortless, while the front and rear mechanical disc brakes ensure that our rides are smooth and safe. The 21-speed hybrid is the perfect partner for not just the roads but off-roading. This bicycle is lightweight and easy to ride. The tires are slim, speedy, and offer lots of traction. This bicycle is perfect for all the travels that you have in mind.
  • Endurance 700C: Just like the name suggests, Endurance 700C is capable of long and arduous rides and can endure the challenges of various terrains. This bicycle comes with a lot of features. The 19 hi-tensile steel frame makes the bike sturdy and durable. The bicycle also comes with a sturdy and light rigid steel fork, which makes it endure long and challenging conditions. The front and rear disk brakes and hi-traction tires make the cycle perfect for roads, even wet roads! The cycle is stylish, and its colours are beautiful! With waterproof transfer decals technology, this cycle is sure to win hearts.

The hybrid cycle comes with a variety of features that makes it an absolute favourite amongst riders. It is the best of both worlds, and at Ninety One Cycles, the hybrid cycles are engineered with care and precision. So what are you waiting for? The cycles above are the perfect option for your next ride.

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