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Ditch your Cars and Embrace Cycling to Work

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Ditch your Cars and Embrace Cycling to Work

In other cases, cycling is often seen as an exercise or adventure sport. However, cycling is also symbolic of a sustainable movement towards not just a greener future but a bigger bank balance and a heavier wallet. The concept of riding to work isn't foreign; many renegades left the comfort of an air-conditioned and comfortable car to cycle to their work. The invention of an e-bike has only made the scope of riding bigger and better. While an electric bicycle is beneficial for our knees, its advantages travel far from that scope. Let us take a look at the many benefits of embracing cycling for work:


With India's and the rest of the world's carbon emissions increasing every year and an alarming level of greenhouse gases getting pumped into the air, we must adopt methods of transport that do not contribute to these increasing numbers. The automobile industry is moving towards battery-operated vehicles that can be charged using sustainable methods. Electric bicycles work on the same principle; they are faster and less exhausting than a regular cycle, but it does not contribute to the increasing carbon emissions and, in turn, do not contribute to environmental pollution. As a denizen of this planet, we must adopt such methods where we contribute to its improvement and not destruction.


Most petrol and diesel vehicles have lead batteries that are harmful to the environment and are not bio-degradable; they often end up in landfills. These lead batteries need to change ever so often and exhaust quickly. With e-bicycles, there is no such issue. At Ninety One Cycles, e-bikes come with lithium-ion batteries that can be charged quickly and last for many years to come. Each charge also runs the cycle for quite a few kilometers, making It an eco-friendly option. The Meraki S7 and Meraki at Ninety One Cycles are two variants of e-bikes available for anyone wanting to make the change to a greener and cleaner environment.


Unlike cars that mostly have to take roads, cycles can be driven anywhere, on-road and off-road. If you usually come across a park on your commute, you can simply ride your bicycle through the car without any hindrance. This will make your commute fresher and make your disposition joyous. Even if you are using public transport like metros, local trains, or buses, they also contribute to a higher emission rate in the air. With an e-bike, there is no such thing. Not only are you riding towards a fresher and greener future, but there is also freedom of movement. You are not adhering to the public transport schedules, nor are you worried about missing one. Also, isn't it safer post-pandemic to travel on a cycle? It keeps you socially distanced!


Our economy depends on certain natural resources; however, due to the ongoing demands and the ever-increasing population, there is a significant stress on these natural resources. However, these natural resources are exhaustible forms of energy, and the fossil fuel reserves are now severely depleted. This gives us a moment to think. We are engaged in deforestation to make roads and flyovers; those roads need minerals like coals. This leads to the mining of coals. This form of development isn't conducive in the long run. We must focus on renewable forms of energy such as solar energies or wind energies. This is sustainable development, a plan where we achieve our current goals whilst leaving an abundant well of resources for our future generations.

An e-bike firmly falls under this category. It isn't using any fossil fuels for its running and supports the sustainability movement.


With the current world conditions, the rates of petroleum are on a constant rise, which isn't conducive to one's expenses and often disturbs the budget of a house. This is especially true of the middle-class, lower-middle-class, and those below the poverty line. The increasing petrol rates are putting them at a greater risk as they must commute to work for their livelihood. However, an e-bicycle provides precisely the opposite of this financial despair. The electric bicycle price in India varies from brand to brand; however, Ninety One Cycles offers some of the best e-bikes in India at competitive rates.

With the purchase of an e-bike, one doesn't have to worry about spending their hard-earned money on petroleum and nor do they have to worry about sitting in a traffic jam for long hours inhaling toxic fumes that damage the health. A cycle can be ridden anywhere, and an e-bike offers not just the comfort of riding but also speed.


While a traditional cycle offers plenty of health benefits, so does an e-bike. Now you don't have to spend your time thinking about your health, as you are killing two birds with one stone, i.e. commuting and exercising. An e-bike is also good for your knees as you don't have to put too much pressure on them. Biking will also keep your blood pressure and cholesterol regulated and save you from expensive hospital trips, further reducing your expenses and increasing your savings.

There are many benefits to ditching your car for an electric bicycle and commuting to work on it. It is suitable for health, but it promotes a movement to rely less on fossil fuels and push forth an environmentally friendly agenda. Decreasing our carbon emissions is the need of the hour, and we must join hands with our fellow citizens in promoting this movement. Ninety One Cycles offer two stellar variants of e-bicycles with multiple modes to fulfill all your commuting desires. While the above benefits are apparent, an e-bicycle provides much more, and it is a vehicle that is perfect for all your on-road commute requisites and your off-road adventure needs. Purchasing an e-bicycle is an investment for sure.

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