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5 Valuable Safety Accessories to Add to Your Bicycle

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5 Valuable Safety Accessories to Add to Your Bicycle

Many budding cyclists are wary of traveling regularly by bicycle due to the risk associated with cycling. The danger in cycling itself is almost negligible, but the surrounding factors like riding along with motorized vehicular traffic increase the cycling risk to the riders limb and life. Like with any risk, you can do something to minimize it. In cycling, we have a few accessories that would do you well to add to your bicycle to make your cycle ride a safer one. Let's explore each one so that you can add comfort and security while on the roads and trails.

1) Headlights

A bicycle headlight is good for two reasons. One, to illuminate the road and the reflective street signs right ahead of you. And two, to make sure other oncoming motorists are aware of your presence. You have a choice to add a headlight on the handlebar, or you also get helmet-mounted lights.

You can pick your lights depending on the environment that you will be riding through. You have the options of the less intense but long-lasting LED lights and the high intensity but more expensive Halogen lights.

2) Rear Lights

Flashing rear lights are a great and must-have addition to your bicycle. Even if you are in the blind spot of an upcoming motorist, they would hardly miss the flashing red lights. You can attach this rear light either below the seat, which is the most popular location. Or, if you do have a luggage rack, you could add it to that, making sure that you do not add a pannier or any luggage that would obstruct it from being visible.

3) Mirrors

There's hardly any vehicle that doesn't come with rearview mirrors. In fact, the first thing one is expected to do when about to set off in their car or a motorbike or a similar vehicle is to adjust the rearview mirrors. The bicycle is one of the only vehicles that more than often do not come with mirrors. It could be because it is considered unfashionable or even because the driving location may not warrant a mirror requirement. If you are commuting or just doing a casual neighbourhood ride and city riding, it becomes a must-have accessory for your bicycle. Easily mounted on each side of your handlebar, they provide you with an indication of what's coming up behind you and what other motorists are doing. The blindspot of up-coming vehicles gets eliminated. You are one step ahead while on the road and can manage a sudden change in your environment that may affect and put a risk to your ride.

4) Horns

Cant be seen then make sure you're being heard. We recommend adding more noise to an already noisy world. A bicycle is a silent vehicle, and one can inadvertently creep up on unsuspecting motorists and pedestrians. Unfortunately, we recommend a loud horn. In the cacophony of the surrounding noisy environment, it is necessary to be heard when required. You can look for pleasant-sounding ones and not one that jars your ears or makes someone jump in fright. But they are a must on traffic-laden roadways and even on the non-crowded trails to alert walkers of your presence.

5) Bicycle Reflectors

All bicycles come with a couple of reflectors, which are usually on the seat and back of the pedals as these are legally required for riding bicycles on roads in India. For additional safety like while crossing traffic or riding on poorly lit roads, add reflective tape down the side of the top tube and wheel stripes along with the inside of your bicycle rims.

Take the opportunity and explore your creative side with the amazing array of various sizes neon-coloured reflective and waterproof strips.

#91 Tips - Get the most out of the reflective tape by placing them as low as possible to catch other vehicle lights which are pointed slightly down.

Adding these accessories to your bicycle is inexpensive but will give you a comforting thought knowing that you have taken the necessary precaution to make your ride a safer one.

Besides using these bicycle accessories, we also recommend you to consider wearable safety items like helmets that are a great way to ensure you keep yourself safe from mishaps while cycling. Check out our post on 6 Protective Accessories Every Cyclist Must Use (add link)

What do you consider as being a bicycle safety accessory, and why? Tell us by writing in the comment box below.

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