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Mystery Solved: Can Cycling Help Achieve Weight Loss?

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Mystery Solved: Can Cycling Help Achieve Weight Loss?

That cycling saw a considerable rise in fans during the pandemic is known to all. The sport offered a great relief from stress while keeping your health in check. From fetching groceries to hopping on a bike to burn calories, a lot of people have taken to bicycling in the last two years. The limited options of recreation pushed many to turn to biking. While cycling enthusiasts were already present even before the virus created havoc, there are many who joined the club during the pandemic and have managed to stick to their daily bike rides, even today. Like many experts rightly put in Fitness becomes a habit. And who can ignore the adrenaline rush that you get every time you hit the pedal?

While many turned to cycling just as an escape from the four walls, a lot of people also adopted biking to lose weight. Weight loss is one of the most common motivators for riding a cycle. But does this sport really help you lose the kilos? We managed to solve this age-old question. Read on to know some amazing cycling tips for weight loss and the various benefits of cycling.

Remember to ignore the scale

The number you see on the scale should not in any way dictate how you feel, your mood, or your rides. Your weight on the scale just gives you a number but it does not tell you what your weight comprises. Very often, you will notice that your weight keeps fluctuating during the day from morning to night. When you add lean muscle tissue, even when you have lost some fat, the number on the scale may barely budge or more so, may even indicate weight gain. Your weight is also influenced by hydration and glycogen storage, which changes daily.

Increase the intensity of cycling

Leisure cycling will most probably not help you burn calories. However, if you increase the intensity and push harder, you will make more progress towards your goal. If you are cycling for weight loss, remember this: the faster you cycle, the more calories you'll burn. That's because your body will need more energy to pedal faster. And the more calories you burn, the more weight you will shed.

With this in mind, let's not forget to take care of our safety while cycling. If you are looking at engaging in some fast-paced cycling, pick a route that has minimal or no traffic. Cycle in dedicated cycling spaces and even there always wear your cycling gear.

Take time to recharge

Not many are aware about the importance of taking time off when you are into hard-core cycling. In fact, it is the downtime in which you build muscle and reap the rewards of your ride. Plan your week ahead and schedule off days beforehand. Also, make sure not to skip meals specially right after a ride. Refuel with carbohydrates and lean protein to help your body in repairing itself and building strength. Cycling enthusiasts also enjoy recovery rides a key ride for any training plan. Basically, these are long and easy rides that let your body recover.

Surprise your body

Many times, our weight loss journey hits a plateau. This happens because our bodies are likely to adapt to any kind of exercise over a period. The key to this is to keep your body guessing. Change up your rides from time to time. Plan your weekly rides in a way that each one is different from the other. Go long on day; shorter but steeper on another day, this strategy trains all your energy systems and does not let your body hit a plateau.

Stay hydrated

To be able to ride for longer times in the summer or even the cooler months, it is essential to stay hydrated. Indian heat can get you dehydrated which can lead to several health hazards if you don't keep yourself hydrated. When you are starting your ride, keep two full bottles of water with you and when riding for a longer distance, stop for refills. If necessary, add a drink mix to your water to help replenish the electrolytes lost while you sweat.

You are your own competition

Just when you think you have had enough, push a little further. That's the secret to endurance training. Research suggests that endurance training helps burn fat and lose weight. Start slow with maybe just 15-20 minutes and then gradually push yourself till you have achieved at least 150 minutes of cycling every week.

Get out there & have fun

While losing weight may definitely be your motivation to hit the pedal, it is important to enjoy the process. Cycling helps improve your mood, your mental well-being, and your overall body. Getting out there is a reward, and you must thank your body each time you complete a ride.

If you are looking for the perfect cycle that will assist you in your weight loss journey, we got you covered with the very best. Ninety One Cycles lets you buy cycles online without you having to worry about anything at all. Here are a few of our favourites:


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Snow Leopard:

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Buy a cycle that best suits your comfort, your riding goal, and your style. Your cycle should be your companion and you should love every second you spend with it. So, get set and get riding!

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