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Roam in Comfort: Stylish Travel Bags for Your Next Adventure

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Roam in Comfort: Stylish Travel Bags for Your Next Adventure

A wanderlust heart thrives on travel, looking for new horizons to discover and explore a world full of stories to tell. Every experience paints the canvas called life with the beautiful colours of adventure and discovering new things thus resulting in memories that will last a lifetime. And, to capture these memories and live each moment having your essentials backing you is a blessing in disguise. Travel essentials for the wanderer in you would need clothes, a camera, a mobile phone, gear (if cycling), and a travel bag to accommodate it all. Right?

These are not just carriers for your belongings; they are also your partners in crime. They shift effortlessly between being a backpack for a mountain hike, a shoulder bag for bustling city exploration, or a crossbody bag for effortless travel through busy markets, adapting to your requirements and preferences like a shape-shifter of convenience.

Hey! Heres a secret: We have a travel bag for all your trips and excursions. Thats right! We at Ninety One have taken a step towards making your life easier and your travel more comfortable and smooth with our newest additions. But before we give you a glimpse of what we have in store for you, let us take you through the ample benefits of investing in our most unique and stylish travel bags.

Benefits Of Investing in Travel Bags by Ninety One

We believe travelling to new places is an experience one must enjoy to the fullest. This is why we bring you bikes that make your adventure worth remembering. How could we miss out on bringing you your next and the most important travel companion? Each of our travel bags is thoughtfully designed to enhance your travel experience. Here are some of the many benefits of investing in travel bags by Ninety One:

1.Durability And Longevity

Each of our travel bags is made with high-quality materials and stitching to ensure durability. Engineered with innovative designs, these are built to withstand the demands of frequent travel. These bags are capable of lasting for years thanks to strong materials, reinforced stitching, and outstanding craftsmanship, saving you the trouble and expense of having to replace them frequently.

2.Ease Of Organisation and Accessibility

We have particularly added specialised compartments and pockets to keep your possessions neatly organised. This level of organisation makes packing and accessing your essentials during your trip considerably simpler, saving you time and stress. The zippers slide smoothly so that you can open the bags with ease to access the items inside.


  • We provide versatile designs that can be easily carried to various types of trips. We have you covered with our newest collection, which includes:
  • Backpack: A backpack is a bag worn on the back, usually with shoulder straps and a waist strap. It is useful for hands-free travel and comes in three sizes: 15L, 20L, and 25L. Our backpacks come in various colours and designs to suit everyone's tastes and personal preferences. Of course! Who likes to miss out on style just for a functional bag? Our backpacks are the most practical and chic additions to your cycling, hiking, or trekking adventures.
  • The crossbody bag: It is a stylish and functional travel bag that is worn across the body for easy access to essentials while on the go. These small 3L bags are perfect to carry around small items like a phone, wallet, medicines, etc. These, too, come in ample colours and designs to match your choice.

4.Water Resistance

What if you are trekking on a risky route towards a breathtaking waterfall? Will you leave your camera or phone back at the hotel or home? Would you take the risk of not capturing the memories or keeping in contact with your loved ones? What if it starts raining while you are on a trek? We have thought all about it, which is why we bring you travel bags that are made using water-resistant materials to withstand such situations while you are busy engaging in outdoor activities.

5.Impressive Aesthetic Appeal

Our travel bags are particularly designed in different colours, designs, patterns, and prints to suit every style and preference. They are ideal picks for both male and female travellers, as well as little thrill-seekers.

Now that you know what our travel bags offer, do you want to explore some of our bags with us right here? Of course, you want to!

Our Exclusive Collection of Backpacks

Our latest travel bag collection boasts backpacks in different sizes to cater to your travel needs and personal requirements. Let us give you a glimpse of some:

1.15L Backpacks by Ninety One

These unisex backpacks are perfect for cyclists and hikers. One of our brilliantly crafted 15L backpacks is the 91RideOn. Designed with durability and longevity in mind, this timeless backpack also features adjustable straps that scream comfort, water-resistant material, durable and lightweight fabric, and a secure zip closure. What more could you ask for in a travel bag?

2.20L Backpacks by Ninety One

Looking for the best travel companion besides your best friend? These unisex backpacks are for you! In this size, the 91Trekker XL is one of our best creations. Within its 20L capacity, it can fit all your essentials and gear for a trek or ride. It has comfortable adjustable straps made with a water-resistant material as well as a durable and lightweight fabric, along with a secure zip closure. This spacious backpack is an ideal choice for campers, cyclists, and hikers.

3.25L Backpacks by Ninety One

These supremely spacious, unisex backpacks are bound to be your favourite travel companions. They fit just about everything you would want to carry on your next adventure. The 91TrailBlazer is a scene-stealer destined to make your travel experience comfortable while getting you showered with compliments for its appearance. While its durable construction ensures lasting use, its compartments and pockets ensure that all your belongings are kept well organised. Just like the other two, these bags come with adjustable straps and a secure zip closure.

These are just some of the many travel bags available on our website. Wait no longer and bring home a stylish and practical Ninety One bag now!

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