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Top 5 Mountain Bikes Under 25k

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Leopard 27.5 T

From the Big Cat series, the Leopard is engineered with the strength of carbon steel, the safety of disc brakes, the performance of 21 hi-speed L-TWOO gears, and the comfort of zero shock suspensions. The Leopard is a 27.5er with 2.1" wide hi-traction tyres. The rims are double-wall made from rust-free alloy. As fierce as the wild feline, the Leopard is impressive mountain bike.


The Defeatr Pro is astonishingly competitively priced in the under 25k bracket considering it is a 29er MTB. Built with a strong and durable steel frame, this MTB sports double-wall rust-free alloy rims. High on safety features, the Defeatr Pro has front and rear mechanical disc brakes, Hi-traction 2.1" wide tyres, and is equipped with 21-Speed L-TWOO gears and zoom 91 zero-shock suspensions. With its low-rise frame and 29" wheelbase, the Defeatr Pro provides greater traction and efficiency over long rides. The Defeater Pro S is available in two striking color-contrasts of black-red and blue-yellow with well-placed water transfer decals making it a stunner. Aptly named as a combination of Defeat and Fear, Defeatr Pro S is definitely the best bang for the buck.


Another great MTB that is easily one of the most value for money rides is the Raptor 26 T. A 26er built with a durable carbon steel frame and comes equipped with 21 Hi-Speed Shimano gears is ideal for new entrants to mountain biking. This mountain bike has mechanical disc brakes at the front and rear and comes equipped with shock-free suspensions. No-trouble double alloy rust-free rims hold DSI Hi-traction 2.2" wide tyres. You have a choice of four eye-catching looks to choose from - black-orange, red-yellow, yellow, and green. True to its name, like a bird of prey, it's swift. Feel free with a Raptor 26T.

VIPER 27.5 T

Engineered with the durability of carbon steel, the safety of disc brakes, the performance of 21 hi-speed gears, and the comfort of shock-free suspension, the Viper is a favourite amongst its riders. This MTB has a pair of 27.5" x 2.2" hi-traction tyres attached to double-wall rust-free alloy rims. Sharp and agile as the slithering serpent, the Viper gives you the option to choose from four amazing two-tone colours of black-green, black-blue, blue-white, orange-blue, and one monochrome of yellow. They all sport water transfer decals and color-coordinated saddles.


From the Big Cat Series, we present the Panther. This MTB has a strong and durable carbon steel frame with hi-speed Shimano gears. The front and rear wheels sport fast and dynamic disc brakes. You have shock-free suspensions ensuring you a comfortable riding experience. This 29er has hi-traction 2.2" wide tyres attached to double-wall rust-free alloy rims. On its natural terrain of rough pathways and gravel roads, the Panther animates the fierceness and sleekness of the wild cat and is a force to reckon with. Making a choice from two strikingly attractive colour combinations of black turquoise and black-green.

With these top 5 MTBs with very competitive pricing, we've got you covered for a 26", 27.5", and a 29". Do you still want to explore more options? Visit Ninety One Cycles' website to explore our wide range of MTBs.

Don't hold back. Start your mountain biking adventure today!


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