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Why Women Should Take Up Cycling ASAP?

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Why Women Should Take Up Cycling ASAP?

In many cities in the world, hair flowing from the backside of the helmet and a group of women cyclists taking a coffee break in the corner cafe may be a common sighting, however, in a majority part of the world, there is a huge gender gap when it comes to cycling. While cycling as an outdoor activity is definitely seeing a rise, the gap between men and women riders is also becoming wider. While we love how people are slowly shifting to the sport and are enjoying an active lifestyle approach, we also would love to see more women take up the activity, whether as a break from the monotony or as a sport. And we have reasons to back the fact that seeing the world from behind the two handlebars can do really well for women's bodies and souls.

A unique way to socialize:

While many love cycling all by themselves and love the idea of solo riding, cycling can also be enjoyed as a group activity. If you are looking for ways to burn your calories while enjoying the company of your loved ones, cycling won't let you down. If you want to make new friends, then look for a local cycling club and join them for your weekend rides. Heading out with a group of like-minded individuals is a great way to relieve stress.

Great for your heart:

Many studies suggest that women are more likely to be physically inactive than men. Cycling just 30 km every week can reduce the risk of heart disease by half. You can accomplish this target by cycling to and from your regular errands or by commuting to work on a cycle, twice a week. So, not for anyone else, but do it for yourself.

Shoo away those mental blocks:

Our current fast-paced lifestyle requires us to be on our feet as we are either rushing to work or are trying hard to balance professional and personal commitments. Experts found that improving your cardio-respiratory fitness by a mere 5% led to a 15% improvement in mental test scores. The key is to let blood flow to the brain by staying active through exercises like cycling. This blood flow can also be responsible for reducing cognitive decline and lowering the risk of dementia and Alzheimers.

Moreover, what better way than to beat stress with a refreshing ride amidst nature?

Do it for a good night's sleep:

A good night's sleep not just feels good but is great for your body as well. Getting enough rest at night helps your body recover and is good for your heart too. A study by Stanford University asked a group of sedentary insomniacs to cycle for 20-30 minutes every alternate day and they found that the routine cut the time that the participants took to fall asleep in half. So, if you are someone who suffers from insomnia or broken sleep, try giving cycling a shot.

Improve digestion:

It is known to all that exercising gets your gut moving in the right direction. Cycling is great for your core stability but regular riding can also help decrease the amount of time it takes for food to move through your large intestine. The acceleration in breathing and heart rate can help contract your intestinal muscles. This makes it easier for you to pass stools and prevents bloating.

Have a healthier pregnancy:

Initially, doctors weren't sure about exercising during pregnancy, however, with changing times studies showed that regular exercise not only prevents you from gaining the extra kilos but also makes labour less complicated and helps faster recovery post-delivery.

However, it is best that you take your doctor's advice before taking up cycling as a form of exercise post your first trimester.

We are all for female empowerment:

Many studies suggest that women consistently report lower confidence than men. Trying new challenges, getting lost, and finding your way back or just solo off-roading can give a boost to the confidence levels of women of all ages. Cycling enriches your life and can empower women to an extent where they feel independent and that nothing is impossible. It is a great way to go feel the child-like freedom that we all crave.

Who doesn't like sporting some stylish cycling gear?

Over the years, cycling gear and clothes have seen a marvelous transformation. From attractive colours to excellent fits, you can find everything you like. It is a great way to look good while getting in your daily dose of exercise.

Saves time:

Women are known to be the ultimate multi-taskers. Cycling helps save time by preventing you from getting stuck in traffic while also being quicker to run your daily errands.

If these reasons have made you want to get your hands on a cycle, then we've got you covered with the best women's cycles in the market. From an affordable cycle price to a comfortable ride, Ninety One Cycles has everything that you are looking for.

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